FAQ & Instructions

  • Instructions

    Click on the "Purchase Tokens" tab at the top of the page and select and purchase a commend package.
    Once purchased, your Token will be sent to your E-Mail.
    Launch CS:GO, open up the console and copy and paste this command into the console: "cl_join_advertise 2"
    Once the command is pasted, copy and paste this into the console: "connect"
    Enter /steamid in the CSGO chat and copy your SteamID64
    Start the bot.
    Every 5 minutes, you will get 20 commends.
    Stay on the Server until all chunks are finished.
    After the website output has finished, you can reuse your token again to receive the remaining ones.
    If you have any problems, join my Discord (Click me) and open a support ticket.
    I'm also accepting Skrill(+10%), Skins(+25)%, a few other cryptocurrencies & Paysafecards (+5 euro only) & nonprime lvl 2 / Prime accounts.
    Please DO NOT RESTART until the first run is finished
    The failed commends are saved on the token.
  • How to find your steamID ?

    enter "/steamid" in CSGO chat to find your SteamID64
  • What is the server IP ?

    Make sure you are connected to